WELCOME!...to the home of Mijee-mites, highly absorbant, slim AI2 snapped modern cloth nappies. Named after 2 gorgeous boys, Mijee-mite nappies specialise in minkee and embroidered outers. They have a unique adjustable inner design, optimising absorbancy and minimising unnecessary bulk. Please feel free to contact us through bundlesofbuns @ hotmail.com for any queries on design, purchase or service. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Orders only available when posted on the blogsite, so please keep an eye out so as not to miss out!


I do not often have a lot of nappies completed in stock. Any that I do have will be listed here.

All others will mainly be available as CUSTOM ORDERS. I am happy to make up whatever you can imagine, as far as I am able!

For CUSTOM ORDERS, these will be offered in different ways at different times - the best way to find out how orders are being taken is to keep up with the posts on the blog. Sometimes they will be offered as a "lottery" or through some limited spots. If you are unsure, please email to ask.Once you are happy with a design choice, I will send through a quote for payment.


I do have a large database of embroidery designs - too large to email or upload as links. If you contact me with an idea of what you are looking for, I can email through some designs that may be along the lines of what you are after. Even if I don't have an exact design you would like, I am happy to source a design for you and provide purchase costs with design files.


....FOR NAPPIES - $30 for plain Minkee, $31 for Dot or Patterned/Mottled Minkee

....FOR EMBROIDERY are dependant on the stitch count of the design. Prices range from $4 to $10 for most designs on top of the base price for the nappy (ie, $30 - $31 depending on type of minkee). Please email me for a price list.


If customisable options are offered on a pre-made nappy, you can choose some alterations as follows (small surcharges apply):

Super Booster - For heavy/super wetters, add an extra layer of heavy weight bamboo fleece to the trifold. Even the heaviest wetters will have difficulty wetting through these boosters in a hurry!

Velour topped Top Booster - For bubs who are sensitive to synthetics or suedecloth, the top booster can be covered with soft natural bamboo velour instead. Bamboo velour is not stay dry, but will not cause irritation to synthetic sensitive skin as suedecloth may.

To purchase any of the items listed, please email bundlesofbuns@hotmail.com with the details of the item you would like, and your address details. If you are in the Newcastle area, we may be able to arrange free delivery. I will send confirmation of payment details, cash (if local delivery) or direct debit. As a standard rule, I will post the items IN STOCK within 3 days of receiving payment. Postage is a standard rate of $5.80 up to 2 nappy and singlet sets of any size, or 3 small nappies. Registered Post is an option for an additional $2.85. I cannot replace items that are lost in transit. Express Post is also optional for an additional $2.20. If you would like to order more than the above quantities, please ask for a specific quote.

For CUSTOM ORDERS, I begin the order once payment has cleared. I aim for 2 weeks as standard for the order to be completed and post at the end of 2 weeks. Sometimes I can complete orders quicker than that, or will let you know if there is going to be a slight delay on your order prior to ordering. I am open to layby, please ask for conditions. If you are interested in packs of 6, please also enquire about discounts and savings depending on the options you choose.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Draw Closed! Custom Orders go to.....

Thank you to all those who entered!

The 2 names in the first batch to order straight away are:

1. Tegan A
2. Fi H

The 2 names for the SECOND BATCH to order in approx 2-3 weeks (I decided I will just post them now as I have done the draw now):

3. Alisha C
4. Megan S

Please all make contact by midnight tonight if you would like to take up your order. For those whose names were not drawn, I may possibly do another draw using those names in the near future if by some chance I do really well at getting the first 2 batches done! Or if any customer decides to not go ahead with an order. This is all an experiment at this stage to see how much work I can get through in each batch!

Thanks again!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Taking Names now!

This has taken longer than I had wanted, sickness, a baby that only catnaps 10 - 20 minutes, 45 minutes max and cranky etc! but finally I will open to names now.

So, if you would like to make a custom order, I will take names from now until Thursday Night 10 June at midnight.

I will use these names in a draw as I have done previously.

1. please EMAIL me with your name and "Custom order draw" in the SUBJECT LINE.
2. I will open it from now until Midnight EST Thursday night 10 June.
3. Minimum of 2 nappies, maximum order of 6.
4. I will draw 2 names and post them on the blog on Friday morning. You have until midnight Friday to make contact with me via email or you will FORFEIT your spot.
5. From Payment Received to Postage, please allow standard 2 week processing time for your order. I would appreciate if customers could be quick with communication and payment.
6. The next 2 names will be posted APPROX 3 weeks from now once the first batch is finished.

Let's hope I can get back into this well! I have an appreciation for other WAHMs with 3 littlies still at home, the housework/cleaning has increased dramatically, as soon as the place is clean it is messy/dirty again, as with all the clothes! Cooking also greatly increased since 2 of us are now completely dairy free and require all homemade substituted snacks etc... ahhh the joys!!! But I will do my best!! Good luck!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An update!

My little man is almost 3 months old! The time has absolutely flown by!

I must admit, I have taken more time off than I expected - because we moved house while I had morning sickness, and then life got far too hectic for the rest of the pregnancy (and physically I was struggling just with normal duties!), a lot of our stuff never actually got unpacked or sorted out! So a lot of jobs have been waiting for 8 months to be done. I also decided to relocate my office, moving all the furniture, fabric, etc etc, which also turned out to be a large job (still to be completely cleaned and sorted through.)

Needless to say trying to get through all of my backlog of jobs, plus have 2 young boys and a newborn and keep on top of normal household duties, still renovating, furniture shopping and keeping up a social life (importantly!) has proven to be a little more difficult than I accounted for.

So I am doing my best to achieve all of the things I need to before I commit myself to taking on extra work. I do hope to start shortly, so will announce opening of orders in some form on the blog. I will most probably start off with small amounts of work to work out how much I can cope with.

Thank you all so much for your patience! I really have valued having the extra mental space to be able to enjoy the new arrival to our family and see how the dynamics have changed!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby buns....

Aren't newborns in cloth nappies the cutest?

and just because he is gorgeous, here you go.... doesn't he look like an angel? Well, he is (some of the time!!!)
I am still enjoying a break from working... but life has been still a little hectic as we are in the middle of renovations again (yes, with a newborn!) including carpetting, tiling, painting, sanding, which means between moving a house full of furniture around and looking after 2 toddlers who fight these days more than they play together, and feeding a newborn, cleaning the house repetitively from the mess renovating makes, and all the normal day to day duties, I have made it down to my office maybe twice since Zac was born!! But he is proving to be a very personable baby, smiling since 1 week, and staring intently into everyone's eyes "talking" to them. I do love babies!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Here he is...

Ok, home from hospital and settling into life with 3 little boys 3 and under! Lots of fun!

I am feeling good, best I have since a lot of the pregnancy... although 8pd 5oz is not a huge baby, I am a small person and carrying this load has been a little harder on my body! Considering my boys have been 5pd 4oz, 7pd 6oz, and now 8pd 5oz with 37cm head circ, I'm not sure if I'm game to keep going!! My labour was by far the longest and most intense with things not progressing how they should, and I have a bit of a history of complications, but thankfully we both came out of it healthy and well in the end.

So, he is definitely a cutie, just learning to see what sort of baby he is!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What do you get....

...When you cross a 37 week pregnant woman hurrying to work on last minute embroideries (due to recently having an enjoyable bout of a 24 hour vomitting/gastro bug) and a whole lot of stuff still to prepare before her bub comes?

AN ACCIDENT WITH AN EMBROIDERY MACHINE! Yes, I guess sewing accidents are likely at some point in time... mine came with the embroidery needle sewing through my fingernail into my index finger to the bone numerous times before I realised I couldn't pull my finger off the needle and I had to press the stop button with my other hand before the barrage of needle punching would stop!!! With a quick slide off the needle using my other hand, my finger was finally free, with a disappointingly minimal APPEARANCE of injury, but very PAINFUL finger. I decided I would use this experience to remember in impending labour!!

Anyway, here are the last couple of pics, one lucky last still to come, hopefully before bub comes!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lottery Draw Winners

The Winners of the lottery draw are:
Di Garnett
Kristy Keeler

Congratulations! Please be sure to email me by midday tomorrow, or your spot will unfortunately be redrawn.

Thank you to all who entered, I'm sorry I can't give a spot to everyone!

Thank you also to everyone's well wishes regarding the new bub. If only I could think of some names I would feel a little more prepared (apart from everything else that needs to be done before he/she arrives!!) lol! I very much appreciate your kind words.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 Custom Order Spots Available - Lottery draw!

Ok, here is the story! I am finding it increasingly uncomfortable to sew and snap! So, in the midst of trying to get my own bub stash completed, I am going to offer 2 LAST SPOTS before bub is born! I will then be having a break, as I am not sure exactly when bub will turn up, and after bub is born, I will assess how much time I have to get work done as to how much I can take on, and how soon after the birth!

So, the last 2 spots will have the following conditions:

1. It will work as a lottery draw again... please EMAIL me with your name and "Lottery" in the SUBJECT LINE.
2. I will open it from now until 8pm EST Friday night 15 January.
3. Postage will be $5.50 for each order, therefore numbers of nappies are limited to 3 Small OR 3 Medium nappies OR only 2 Large size nappies.
4. I will draw 2 names and post them on the blog on Saturday morning. You have until midday Saturday to make contact with me via email or you will FORFEIT your spot.
5. From Payment Received to Postage, please allow standard 2 week processing time for your order.

I would appreciate if customers could be quick with communication and payment as I am starting to get pressed for time to have everything ready before bub comes, especially if it makes an early appearance like it's older sibling!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

Thank you very much to all of my customers from 2009, many of whom were very patient while I had some time off during our move and morning sickness!! I appreciate your business very much!!!

I am still having a little holiday at present, but will be returning early next week. I am sort of on the count down to welcoming the new bub (well, still 7 weeks to go) but have a lot of things to get done before bub comes! I will post next week about where I am up to with possible orders so keep an eye out!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break!