WELCOME!...to the home of Mijee-mites, highly absorbant, slim AI2 snapped modern cloth nappies. Named after 2 gorgeous boys, Mijee-mite nappies specialise in minkee and embroidered outers. They have a unique adjustable inner design, optimising absorbancy and minimising unnecessary bulk. Please feel free to contact us through bundlesofbuns @ hotmail.com for any queries on design, purchase or service. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Orders only available when posted on the blogsite, so please keep an eye out so as not to miss out!


I do not often have a lot of nappies completed in stock. Any that I do have will be listed here.

All others will mainly be available as CUSTOM ORDERS. I am happy to make up whatever you can imagine, as far as I am able!

For CUSTOM ORDERS, these will be offered in different ways at different times - the best way to find out how orders are being taken is to keep up with the posts on the blog. Sometimes they will be offered as a "lottery" or through some limited spots. If you are unsure, please email to ask.Once you are happy with a design choice, I will send through a quote for payment.


I do have a large database of embroidery designs - too large to email or upload as links. If you contact me with an idea of what you are looking for, I can email through some designs that may be along the lines of what you are after. Even if I don't have an exact design you would like, I am happy to source a design for you and provide purchase costs with design files.


....FOR NAPPIES - $30 for plain Minkee, $31 for Dot or Patterned/Mottled Minkee

....FOR EMBROIDERY are dependant on the stitch count of the design. Prices range from $4 to $10 for most designs on top of the base price for the nappy (ie, $30 - $31 depending on type of minkee). Please email me for a price list.


If customisable options are offered on a pre-made nappy, you can choose some alterations as follows (small surcharges apply):

Super Booster - For heavy/super wetters, add an extra layer of heavy weight bamboo fleece to the trifold. Even the heaviest wetters will have difficulty wetting through these boosters in a hurry!

Velour topped Top Booster - For bubs who are sensitive to synthetics or suedecloth, the top booster can be covered with soft natural bamboo velour instead. Bamboo velour is not stay dry, but will not cause irritation to synthetic sensitive skin as suedecloth may.

To purchase any of the items listed, please email bundlesofbuns@hotmail.com with the details of the item you would like, and your address details. If you are in the Newcastle area, we may be able to arrange free delivery. I will send confirmation of payment details, cash (if local delivery) or direct debit. As a standard rule, I will post the items IN STOCK within 3 days of receiving payment. Postage is a standard rate of $5.80 up to 2 nappy and singlet sets of any size, or 3 small nappies. Registered Post is an option for an additional $2.85. I cannot replace items that are lost in transit. Express Post is also optional for an additional $2.20. If you would like to order more than the above quantities, please ask for a specific quote.

For CUSTOM ORDERS, I begin the order once payment has cleared. I aim for 2 weeks as standard for the order to be completed and post at the end of 2 weeks. Sometimes I can complete orders quicker than that, or will let you know if there is going to be a slight delay on your order prior to ordering. I am open to layby, please ask for conditions. If you are interested in packs of 6, please also enquire about discounts and savings depending on the options you choose.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A couple more

The first 2 orders from the second batch have gone out - the pics aren't great as I was pushing it to the last minute with both to get them to the post office on time!!

I also have a few new fabrics just arrived, and about to arrive, including Mixed Berry, Aurora, Tequila Sunrise and some yet to see... I still have about 3-4weeks worth of current orders, then will be updating the blog as to whether I will take a few more orders, or will work on some pre-made stock. I am at least starting to feel like a normal person again... and I am already HALF WAY THROUGH my pregnancy... how does that happen? Third time has gone so fast!!


nicoleofnine said...

Yep Kristy my third went really fast too! We are just so busy with 2 other kids!
Would love a large nappy and singlet set once they are available again...

Victoria Masterman said...

We are so in love with our BOB's!!
http://themastermans.blogspot.com/2009/10/bundles-of-buns-you-will-fall-in-love.html here is a link to ours in action :D Thankyou Kristy!!

Kristy said...

I know what you mean, first pregnancy felt like the minutes and days would never end, now I am thinking I will have a 3rd baby before realising I have been through a whole pregnancy!

Thanks Victoria, the pics look great!! Glad you like them :)

Victoria Masterman said...

5 hours today in the dragon fly with the superbooster, No Leaks!!!!She fell asleep on the way home from her physio appointment, but it was a great chance to show off her bum ;)